Understanding Inca’s Ancient Medicine and Healing

Regarded as the largest civilization in the Western region before the Spanish conquest, the Inca Empire was a population filled […]

Gingseng Properties

The Wondrous Properties of Ginseng Explained

It might seem like a seemingly simple root at first glance, not much to write much about. But look a […]

Benefits of Vitamin E

The 3 Most Essential Functions of Vitamin E in Keeping Us Healthy

Vitamin E is one of the most underrated victims in keeping us healthy. There are certain compounds within this vitamin […]

Annatto Uses Bixahuman

4 Surprising Uses of Annatto Seeds Across Cultures

Annatto is a wonderful herb, native to parts of Central and South America, many Caribbean islands, and South Asia. Bixa […]

Cats Claw Benefits Bixahuman

The Cat is Out of the Bag: Everything You Need to Know About Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw is a woody vine originating from the great Amazon rainforest, and other tropical regions. It gets its name […]

Proven Benefits of Bitter Melon

The Proven Benefits of Bitter Melon You’ve Been Missing Out On

When we think of melons, usually, it’s the sweet, crunchy, summery fruits, packed with hydration and flavor, plenty of nutrients, […]

Ways to Care for Elderly and Vulnerable Folk During This Time

We are going through very trying times. It’s crucial to stay safe, and a major part of that strategy is […]

Turmeric—The Superfood You Need to Include in Your Diet

With the number of times you come across turmeric on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you’d think it […]

Covid and mental Heealth

The Long- and Short-Term Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health

The novel coronavirus hat emerged from the central Chinese city of Wuhan has now spread to at least 187 countries […]

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