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21st Century Science Meets Traditional Medicine

The ancestral ways of good health and longevity are no longer a secret.

Bixahuman combines ancient indigenous methods with researched-backed science to bring you the ultimate range of supplements that help support your overall health

Here are just a few of the benefits you can get from our unique natural formulas, which may help:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health
  • Relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis
  • Help with weight loss and improve gut health
  • Balance hormones and reduce the moodiness and anxiety associated with menopause
  • Fight off viruses and strengthen your body’s natural defenses
  • Promote stronger and more effective liver function
  • Support prostate and urinary health and treat loss of bladder control
Bixahuman Annatto Seeds


Rooted in history,

and backed by science, Bixahuman supplements are natural health supplements that help support your health and wellbeing like no other.



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    Biobija Complex

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  • For Men

    Bixa Detox 1

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  • For Men

    Mega T3

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  • For Men

    Men T3

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  • For Men

    My Cells T3

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  • For Men

    Prevartis T3

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Bixahuman 100% Natural Origin

100% Natural Origin

100% all-natural Bixahuman supplements are sourced responsibly from the rainforest.

Backed By Science

Backed by Science

Bixahuman combines ancient indigenous methods with researched-backed science to bring you the ultimate range of supplements that help support your overall health.

Money Back Guarrantee

Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed – if you are not satisfied with any of our products, receive a 100% refund of your purchase price.

“I suffered from menstrual cramps and extreme pain for years. [...] But then I found PREVARTIS T3, 100% natural herbal formula that helped relieve my pain instantly.”

- Cecilia J.

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Bixahuman Sales Partner

"I suffered from severe gastritis, and nothing has worked the way Biobija has worked."

Cobiann Testimony

  Cobiann Heriquez
  College Student

"My life changed almost immediately after I tried Biobija, I used to suffer from gastritis and reflux, doctors gave me the medicine which didn't last long, and once I took Biobija I could feel how my body changed in just matter of minutes"

Angel Yepes Testimonial

   Angel Yepez

"I used to have Migraines and Stomach Ache due to Menstrual Cramps, and my mom suggested Prevartis which are 100% natural, and it works wonders, I take it every day."

Ciara Testimonial

   Ciara Henriquez
   Student & Athlete

"I had a Root Canal Procedure done and it got infected, I tookBiobija pills and they helped me with both the inflammation and the infection, I recommend this product for anyone that's suffering from inflammation or an infection"

Julian Jimenez

   Julian Jimenez
   Computer Science Engineer

"Cuando me diagnósticaron Anemia Crónica y Colésterol Alto me hablaron de Biobija y empecé a tomarla al saber que su componente es la Bixa. Mi colesterol bajó y mi anemia desapareció gracias a Biobija"

Dignora de Jesus Testimonial

   Dignorah de Jesus 
   Ama de Casa

"Apróximadamente un millón de personas sufre de Anemia en los Estados Unidos, y creo que es muy importante hablar del sickle cell, cuales son sus causas y cómo tratarlo, Bixahuman no solo se preocupa por ofrecer la medicina que ayuda a tratarlo sino también en informar y discutir sobre todo lo que esto significa"

Dr. Cesar Pruss testimonial

   Dr. Cesar Pruss 
   Médico Naturopata

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