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Ancient Healing Meets Modern Medicine​

What is in Prevartis T3?

Prevartis T3 is a powerful blend of calcium orotate and tocotrienol from pure annatto seed powder. Calcium orotate by itself is a widely used calcium supplement to complement the calcium needed in the body, which is commonly deficient in the average diet.

This unique formula in Prevartis T3 also includes magnesium, zinc, and collagen; along with petiveria alicea leaf, turmeric root powder, Indian frankincense gum powder, ginger root powder, dandelion root powder, and L-Arginine (B3).

This herbal combination delivers powerful pain relief while also reducing inflammation. These amazing nutrient compounds also act as powerful antioxidants.

How does Prevartis T3 work?

A timeless medical tradition passed down through generations of native Amazon and Caribbean tribes, this annatto tincture blended with milk has been used by shamans and herbal healers for centuries to treat chronic pain, hematomas, and tumors. Annatto seeds provide an incredible wealth of antioxidants and are the richest plant-based source of tocotrienol on the planet.

Annatto is a super food and a major source of beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein, all essential nutrients in the fight to reduce the damage from free radicals. Foods high in carotenoids may be effective in helping prevent oxidative stress, may help decrease your risk of macular degeneration, and provide critical immune system support.

After years of intense research and testing, our team of nutritional experts and researchers (including an organic chemist, biologist, toxicologist, and botanist) has verified the healing power of annatto seeds, and we are proud to bring you these secrets of the rainforest optimized by modern science to be the most complete tocotrienol supplement available.

Increase Blood Flow and Circulation*

21st Century Science Meets Traditional Medicine​

What is in Biobija Complex?

The Biobija Complex dietary supplement includes 250mg Annatto seed powder, harvested from the Bixa-Orellana tree found in the rainforest. Annatto is a rich source of Vitamin E nutrient compounds called tocotrienols. Annatto seeds are among the purest sources of natural tocotrienols (99.9% pure).

Biobija Complex includes calcium orotate to help the body absorb tocotrienol compounds more eagerly. Calcium orotate by itself is a widely used calcium supplement to complement the calcium needed in the body, which is commonly deficient in the average adult diet.

This unique formula in Biobija Complex also includes Grape extract, Cocoa bean powder, Chinese Rhubarb root powder, Malt extract, Molasses cane powder and a complement of other natural herbs and vitamins in a precise formulation to provide all-natural support for the body’s immune processes.

A Herbal Formula That Supports You Through Life's Ups And Downs*

Why Is Cell Replication So Important?

Normal Cell Replication – Healthy Cell Life Cycle: Each of your body’s cells has its own life cycle. Every cell lives and grows, replicates (by dividing), and eventually dies — being replaced by healthy cells. This cycle is happening all the time, in every part of your body. 

Every cell is in its proper place. Your body knows to make sure that your liver should only have liver cells in it, and it knows the perfect number of cells it should have. Same goes for your heart, lungs, kidneys, and every other organ in your body. Even your blood, which is made up of many different kinds of cells, is kept in perfect balance. 

With over 200 kinds of cells, your body must carefully oversee the complex system of cell replication. But what happens when cell division goes wrong?

Abnormal Cell Replication – Cell Division Gone Wrong: If any of the signals your body uses to maintain this balance of cells are missing or faulty in any way, the results can be that too many cells are produced. This abnormal cell growth can have very serious consequences. When cells start to multiply too much, this is how cancer starts. It can happen anywhere in your body, and this rampant cell division can spread to other surrounding tissues.  

Why would your body’s cells do this? Damage to specific genes “distorts” the instructions to cells for the proteins it requires for its survival, growth, and cues for how – and how much – to multiply. Many factors contribute to the gene damage that affects cell division. For instance, cigarette smoke, poor diet, overexposure to UV rays from the sun, and other toxins. Chemicals that cause this sort of gene damage are called carcinogens.


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