magical properties of

Huayruro Seed (Peony)

Learn about the Magical properties of indigenous crafts created by women. At Bixahuman we support the creativity and livelihood of all of them.

They attract good fortune so you can carry them with your money and coins. There are baby peonies, they are a type of smaller peonies that are easy to carry.

It is considered a seed of luck, it will give you positive energy, strength and courage, strength and success and will protect you from envy and false friends.

It is used as an amulet or protection more than anything against the evil eye (envy, jealousy) that is why most babies and small children use them with a red ribbon and a jet, it must be cleaned before use with a drop of olive oil and do not let anyone touch it. If that happens, you should clean it again or change it.

It is a custom in Peru, Venezuela and other South American countries to give the newborn a Peony mounted on a pendant, to put it on a bracelet, which is usually accompanied by a jet hand.

The indigenous people usually make crafts using this type of seeds, which are acquired by all those who wish to protect newborn children.

It brings abundance and prosperity to those who wear it, it is usually kept in glass vessels decorating the house, or carried in a purse, or on a bracelet, necklace, they are usually mounted in silver, gold, also on black leather cords

When you help a community, you lift up the entire world.

Have you ever thought that a good action from intention is a shock wave of evolution?

Have you ever thought that a good action from intention is a shock wave of evolution? With your initiative you transform the lives of thousands of indigenous women who do not exceed $1.00 a day to support their families.

The vast majority are single mothers and their greatest heritage is their crafts, which are also part of their ancestral cultural legacy!

Keeping the artisanal customs of the communities of the founding towns alive is to ensure the identity of generations, the trust and economic sustainability of indigenous women.

Thank you for supporting them to earn a living with dignity and sowing hope for a better future for their children and all generations to come, including yours and everyone’s.