Why are we different?

Bixahuman Lab Research have changed the very concept of Dietary Supplements.

Let’s look closer at why.

There is a vast list of herbs that are scrutinized by close scientific investigation.  Many botanist, chemist, biologist, and epidemiologist researchers have confirmed the antibiotic, mineral and vitamin properties of these well-known traditional plants. This confirms the oral  traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Plants like Penicillium Notatus, Cacao, Turmeric, Curcumin, Graviola, Kalanchoe, Annatto, Saw Palmetto, Gingko Biloba, and many more have being the foundation of amazing cures in the past.

Our team of researchers were intrigued.

Why would Natural Supplements that contain the same plants, not have the same results as they have in the past? The Dietary Supplement market has grown significantly as more people are looking for natural alternatives without side effects. Sometimes, the supplements are not effective enough, so people resort back to chemical treatment options with all the expense and potential side effects.

There is a scientific answer!

Each mineral, vitamin or antibiotic, needs another element to maximize its effectiveness, despite being contained within a plant. Each ingredient still requires a vehicle to focus the effects.

Bixahuman Lab research team has integrated our Botanical PhD, Organic Chemist PhD, and Anthropologist, Historian, Toxicologist. These are high level professionals that no other pharmaceutical team has ever bothered to include on their teams.  We use the synergy of all of these disciplines to bring together our superb formulations.

Based on the historical and anthropological data, together with an experienced team in herbal medicine, we carefully translated authentic herbal formulas. These formulations were elaborated in great detail by ancient civilizations to the new generation. The same herbals are used today but with the additional wisdom of those who are experts in the preparation of cures with plants. Native Indians, aborigines, indigenous peoples. Their ancestral traditions are now available to you.

History and archaeology have played an immense role in our investigation.

We are proud to present Bixahuman Lab Research products to the entire world.

Yes, it’s a new concept in Dietary Supplements. History and Science are combined.

Visit our website and also learn about our humanitarian missions, the main reason why Bixahuman Lab Team started the project.


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