Ways to Improve Male Health and Vitality

As a man, what do you value most in your life? Your life, job, partner, kids or your body?

Regardless of what you pick, you need good health to sustain all that. A series of bad habits can compromise your health and vitality in the long run and you need to stop doing them today. Some people don’t get a second chance at life; if you are healthy, value it and acknowledge the blessing.

Here are some things to note if protecting your health is on your list this year.

Energize Regularly

As you age, you’ll notice that it becomes increasingly difficult to do the same chores that you used to do mindlessly. Things like lifting luggage, carrying a child in your arms, or running a full lap will demand a lot more strength and energy than you have. This is your body reminding you that you’re aging and you need to take extra care of your health.

If you’re a primary breadwinner in the house, you need to protect your health even more because there are a lot more lives dependent on you. You need to be in your best shape every day and that requires a lot more effort than fixing a quick sandwich and caffeinating yourself to get through the day.

You need an optimum intake of water, and seasonal juices in your daily routine. Surviving on espresso shots isn’t enough to keep your body energized. Make sure you squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in your normal water to make it alkaline. You need to keep your guard up—especially against viruses and infections—and alkaline water helps in boosting immunity!


No, we’re not talking about the insects here. ANTS are automatic negative thoughts that trigger anxiety attacks without warning. These thoughts often flood your mind without reason and end up corrupting your thought process. Your intentions and actions can get plagued with unnecessary negativity if these thoughts pervade your mind.

The first step in eliminating ANTS is identifying and acknowledging them. You need to know when you’re being bitter/vengeful/pessimistic without a rational reason and note it. That’s an automatic negative thought. Once you’ve recorded all the automatic negative thoughts that enter your mind, you need to locate the place where they’re stemming from and draw a logical conclusion. It could be because of a bad event in your life or simply stress hormones.

Regardless of why they’re happening, you need to register this negativity and consciously try to stop it. This will save you a load of emotional baggage that you might carry into the future and prevent you from losing energy over avoidable stressors.

Get More Sleep

Are you worried about your sexual performance? No amount of exercise, diet planning or techniques can help you in bed if you aren’t getting enough night sleep. Your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep to be able to function normally. If you’re skipping sleep or sleeping late regularly, it’ll cost you a lot more than a pretty morning face.

It decreases the production of testosterone in your body and that results in compromised sexual functioning. If you want to avoid a series of unfulfilling sexual experiences, you need to value your sleep first.

Ignore the beeps on your phones or pager. Put it aside and go back to sleep. Because checking one more email one night will lead to one hour of delay in sleeping and that can compromise on your health. Sleep first; the rest will come automatically.

Get Supplements

If you’re particularly worried about your health and wellness and diet isn’t helping, you need our supplements. These nutritional formulas are prepared from all-natural ingredients, following ancient remedies extracted from the Mayan culture.

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