Ways to Care for Elderly and Vulnerable Folk During This Time

We are going through very trying times. It’s crucial to stay safe, and a major part of that strategy is to stay home, avoid unnecessary social gatherings, and public places.

It’s also crucial to mitigate the risk and threat of infection to the elderly and sick loved ones – be it family members or friends and neighbors. For those who live away from loved ones or still go to work, it’s to interact with immunocompromised folk.

However, there are ways you can play your part in making things easier for the elderly and ill. Some of them include:

Offering Social And Emotional Support

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation and cutting off from friends and family. If you’re fortunate enough to be young and healthy, you can still step out of the house for things like work or a jog.

Stay connected through social media, video and phone calls, drop off care packages, food, and check up on how they’re doing. We need to look out for each other in whatever ways we can, despite how difficult the circumstances are.

Elderly folk are prone to depression and loneliness, which affects their health and wellbeing.  This may cause heart disease, obesity, weakened immunity, cognitive decline, and more.

Loneliness affects adults in combination with other chronic illnesses like heart disease, lung disease, and other similar conditions. Spend time with them, even if you spend 10-minutes on a call with them.

Day To Day Errands And Chores

You can also help out with things they may not have access to. You could make store-runs or help around the home. If you can safely enter their homes and have self-isolated – help clean up, cook for them if possible, offer support and assistance they need at the time.

If they don’t have other friends and family or hired help – offer to drop off their dry cleaning and help with similar chores or whatever’s manageable.

This takes the pressure off them to be out and about for these necessities and helps keep them—and you—busy and productive.

Help Them With Telemedicine And Tech

When you’re trying to stay connected and retain a sense of normalcy while remaining indoors as much as possible, it strains other facets of your life. Many immunocompromised and elderly folk have had their routines disrupted.

You can help them by getting them in touch with their healthcare providers through telemedicine and other digital mediums, limiting non-emergency hospital visits significantly.

Focus On Your Health Too

While caring for them, don’t forget to focus on your health too! It’s vital that you stay healthy. You should wear a mask, regularly sanitize, maintain appropriate distance, and take vitamins and minerals crucial to your health. A great way to do that is through the natural and herbals supplements such as those packed with turmeric, annatto, and other ingredients.

You can head to our website to order these supplements online and to learn more about their ingredients.

Disclaimer: Bixahuman’s products are not intended for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. Any information discussed in this blog is not a replacement for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor or physician for medical advice.

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