Ways to Boost Your Health during Social Distancing

Now, with the coronavirus scare taking over populations across the globe, life has come to a standstill. The roads are empty, malls are vacant, and businesses have shut down. People have quarantined themselves inside their homes to practice social distancing and prevent the spread of the virus.

But the global lockdown is turning out tougher than we expected. You have no coffee dates or Friday night meet-ups with friends. You aren’t going in to work or seeing your colleagues every day. You may not even have to wake up like on a normal work day. But snoozing off the alarm doesn’t feel that great because social distancing is also affecting our mental health.

This is why you need to boost your health during these trying times. It’s important to resist mass hysteria about the coronavirus and focus on your mental and physical wellbeing during this period. Here are some ways you can do that.

Social Media to the Rescue

Whether you need to do this to get done with a college paper or give more time to your kids, deactivating social media accounts have always helped to make time for things that otherwise get neglected. However, dire times call for dire measures. While this lockdown will help contain the virus, it makes life difficult as well. This is why the only refuge we find is on our phones.

Social media is more active than ever because people are sharing COVID-19 updates; new gossip is trending, and influencers are taking center stage. It’s an excellent distraction for you, if you’re struggling with passing your time productively.

Follow all the yogis that you’ve been meaning to check out and watch their videos. Learn new artistic crafts and a few more DIY hacks. Rearrange the furniture in your house with the help of Instagram experts, and follow the tweets of your favorite authors. Social media is a gateway to all kinds of diverse online content out there. Explore your interests and find a new engagement on social media while you’re free and at home.

Read Through the Pandemic

Do you have a bunch of hardcovers lying idle in your bookcase? With a normal work routine, it gets impossibly hard to take up a new book and finish reading it. While you’re hopping from work to gym to home and back to work, your days can become a haze. It’s only during a global lockdown that we can use our time to catch up on your reading.

Check out all the authors who’ve bagged the Booker Prize recently or new entries in the market; you never know where you find your next favorite read! Sift through all the different genres that you’ve never paid heed to. Read up non-fiction books on topics that are completely foreign to you. Use this time to gather knowledge from a variety of disciplines.

Because as George R.R. Martin rightly said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…the man who never reads lives only once.” Don’t let this pandemic be the ultimate end; it’s a temporary situation and with the efforts of our healthcare authorities, life will resume soon.

Focus on Your Health

How many times have you heard and disregarded well-wishers who offer healthcare tips? Because who even has the time for meal planning and nutrition goals when there are bills to pay and work targets to meet.

Think of this pandemic and the resulting lockdown as a chance to re-think your ideologies. Why is it that health always comes last for us? It’s now, more than ever, that we should realize how valuable our health is. It’s ultimately through the body that we can fight off viruses and infections.

At a time when healthcare institutions lack authentic research for ways to prevent or cure the virus, we must play our part in strengthening our immunity. And caring for your diet, sleep, and routine habits is the only way to do that.

Since our diets lack the designated portions of greens, fruits, carbs and juices, we need supplements to cover the deficiencies. This is why we’re offering supplements for mental focus and stronger immunity including BioBija Complex, Women T3 and Prevartis T3.

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