Stress and Supplements: Everything You Need to Know

Stress has become as commonplace as the pollution in the air we breathe in. It’s everywhere. Whether we’re being consumed by our work life or struggle to maintain a healthy balance in our relationships, we’re all overwhelmed and tired.

This combination of physical exhaustion, mental turmoil, and emotional anxiety has warped into a form of stress that takes a toll on our internal and external state. Also known as oxidative stress, this condition is characterized by a severe imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals in the body.

Not only does it make the body more prone to developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer, but it also affects the mental and emotional state of an individual by causing depressive disorders.

As advancements in technology allow the dynamics of nutrition to be further explored, natural supplements have emerged as one of the most effective ways to treat oxidative stress.

We’ve broken down some of the most potent ways in which natural supplements balance internal and external stress, thereby promoting improved wellness—mentally, emotionally, and physically:

Improving Mental Focus

As one of the most popular supplements for reducing stress, My Cells T3 packs the power of calcium orotate and tocotrienol to combat the detrimental effects of oxidative stress. Its potent ingredients promote healthy cellular metabolism, thereby inducing relief from mental turmoil.

By increasing mental focus, it allows users to feel a sense of calm and contentment. Over time, reduced oxidative stress helps users balance their lives so they don’t feel mentally overwhelmed and defeated.

Boosting Energy Levels

Packed with a potent herbal formula that was created by a team of biologists, anthropologists, and botanical scientists, My Cells T3 boosts energy levels, thereby optimizing bodily functions.

The powerful annatto seeds release antioxidants in the bloodstream that fight free radicals. These effective capsules nourish the body by activating the immune system, effectively dealing with lethargy.

Promoting Lasting Pain Relief and Emotional Wellbeing

One of the most beneficial aspects of My Cells T3 supplements is their ability to fight the symptoms of oxidative stress.

While these symptoms commonly include hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes, they also include:

  • Susceptibility to inflammation and infections
  • Increased free radicals and cell damage
  • Abnormal or slow cell growth
  • Apoptosis or cell death
  • Muscle pain or joint pain
  • Increased wrinkles and gray hair
  • Decreased eyesight
  • Heart diseaseand atherosclerosis
  • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

In many cases, stress is a direct outcome of the body fighting destructive diseases, disorders, and ailments on the inside. While individuals may seek professional help from a therapist and/or psychologist for mental and emotional turmoil, it’s important that they combine treatment with natural supplements.

My Cells T3 helps fight all the symptoms of oxidative stress, thereby helping individuals attain lasting relief from pain.

As the severity of these symptoms is reduced, individuals experience optimal internal balance that helps them cope with external stress.

Promoting Healthy Cell Replication

Normal cell replication is essential in ensuring overall health and wellness. Over time, oxidative stress can prevent the body from replacing dysfunctional cells with active cells.

By promoting healthy cell replication, My Cells T3 ensures cell division is carried out properly. As each cell replicates in perfect harmony with others, the body resumes optimal functioning.

If left untreated, stress can develop into serious disorders that impair mental, emotional, and physical health. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately, it’s best to take the right measures now to prevent long-term damage.

Benefiting from natural cleanse and detox supplements can go a long way in ensuring overall health and wellness. Find out more about our wide range of supplements that tackle conditions ranging from high blood pressure to chronic anemia.

Packed with the power of tocotrienols, our potent formulas heal bodies from within for internal and external recovery and protection.

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