What is Included in Bixahuman’s Brand Ambassadors Program?

  • One-year membership.
  • Choice of mission to present and promote as a brand ambassador (listed at the end)
  • All proceeds will go towards the chosen mission.
  • Ability to track chosen mission as long as the membership lasts.

Advantages of Bixahuman’s Brand Ambassadors Program

  • 20% products discount and free shipping (within the USA).
  • All proceeds earned from you will go towards your chosen humanitarian mission.
  • Ability to keep track of the mission you choose.
  • Share Bixahuman’s passion for improving people’s health, education, and economy possibilities.
  • Allies/ambassadors coming from Bixahuman Research Lab platform will volunteer the project as well.

With your membership you will choose a mission from the selection listed below to present and promote as a brand ambassador.


Brand Ambassadors Program


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The Brand Ambassador program is targeted towards people that just want to participate in the humanitarian missions of Bixahuman Research Lab.

Receive a 20% OFF and free shipping for the entire year!

This affiliate program has an annual membership fee of $149.99.

After paying the fee, the customer will receive a one-year membership with 20%OFF. The proceeds from the Brand Ambassador contribution will go towards Bixahuman’s humanitarian missions.

Brand ambassadors will be allowed to keeping track of the progress of the mission they choose.

  • Customers that just want to participate in Bixahuman’s humanitarian missions.
  • Annual membership $149.99.
  • 20% off on every purchase for 1 year.
  • Free shipping within the USA.
  • Can choose a preferred mission and keep track of its mission as long as you are a member.
  • Allies/ambassadors coming from Bixahuman Research Lab platform will join the volunteer program as well and will work hand to hand with the missions.

We are going to transform lives “Ours and Theirs”


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