Cardiovascular issues

Cardio T3


Each capsule contains 200 mg of achiote leaf powder and 200 mg of achiote seed powder, cat's claw, L-arginine (HCL), bitter melon and artichoke leaf powder, artichoke sprout powder, olive tree, malagueta , Gimnema leaf and prickly pear extract (cactus). Add to cart and pay with:

Victoria T3


STIMULATES THE PRODUCTION OF HEALTHY CELLS IN YOUR BODY Victoria T3 promotes cellular wellness by naturally stimulating the production of good cells and strengthening the immune system's resistance to cell mutation and abnormal cell proliferation. You can provide support for:

  • healthy cell growth
  • A strong immune system
for men and women Contains: 90 capsules Add to cart and pay with:

Woman T3


Each capsule includes 150mg of Annatto Seed Powder and 150mg of Annatto Leaf Powder, Calcium Orotate to help the body better absorb Tocotrienol compounds, Black Cohosh Root Powder, Dong Quai Root Powder, sweet wormwood powder and extracts of other natural herbs, such as ginkgo, grape seed, ginseng and spirulina, in a formula specially created to naturally improve the symptoms of menopause. Add to cart and pay with: