an epiphany in the
emergency room

My eyes were now open to the fact that I was always at the risk of a stroke, at any time. I was facing a life of frequent blood transfusions to prevent this from reoccurring.

Lying in my hospital bed, desperation set in, I was a single mother, and the only breadwinner for my family. My kids were depending on me. I needed to get back to work, gain control of my life, and be there for my children.

After my hospital discharge, I searched for holistic products similar to my great-grandma's formulation. I couldn't find any that were similar to hers - not in combination. So, I started collecting Mama Francisca's herbs individually to create my formulation based on what I learned from her.

Mercifully, it worked. Within 2 weeks, things stabilized and my hemoglobin levels returned to normal. It was amazing how quickly it worked - but also the other effects as well. Not only had my hemoglobin levels improved, but also I wasn't exhibiting any permanent damage to my brain or my body. My neurologist was astonished at how my immune system responded.

an epiphany in the
emergency room

Since I felt better and "back to normal", I tended to ignore the severity of my condition. After all, it felt like my chronic anemia was under control. Without thinking too much about it I stopped the treatment for a week or two here and there.

There was one time where I got so busy that for about 5 weeks I didn't take Mama Francisca's special herbal formulation. I figured my body could handle it.

This was a near fatal mistake. I ended up in the emergency room with a hemoglobin level of 4.2 (normal range is 12.0 to 15.5) the low levels of hemoglobin were starving my brain of oxygen, and I suffered 2 strokes. Doctors administered an iron medication, but wasn't increasing my blood count as expected. My system shut down. I was given 2 emergency blood transfusions.

I learned the hard way that my condition was a critical illness.



1.- Living with chronic anemia is life threatening.

I would never let my treatment lapse again, and to this day – Mama Francisca’s formula is part of my daily regimen.

2 - I couldn’t keep this knowledge to myself.

There is a way to help those who suffer from chronic anemia, yet it is not readily available to the public.

I went into research mode

I read everything I could get my hands on
so that I more fully understood the disease and its effects.

• I learned that sickle cell disease does not have a cure or ongoing medication, except for what I experienced – iron treatments, blood transfusions, or bone-marrow transplants.

• I learned that chronic anemia is considered a critical blood condition according to the Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center and the American Society of Hematology.

• I learned that there were people who suffered even more than I did – other common risks of chronic anemia include strokes, kidney failure, liver damage, bone pain, legs ulcers due to poor blood circulation, tumors, leukemia and other types of cancer, and even heart attacks, fatigue, chest pain, poor concentration and others.

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In 2009, I contacted a botanical scientist and organic chemist about Mama Francisca’s formula.

I recounted the story above and my own experiences with the formula – and the stories I had heard from my great-grandmother too. I laid out the combination of ingredients and the proper proportions.

What we found was that even though some of the herbs are available in U.S. stores, there was no natural formulation on the market that used Mama Francisca’s herbal combination.

I now had a team of researchers who were intrigued and wanted to unlock this potential with me. It wasn’t just a list of ingredients mashed together – the “magic” is based on the wisdom of the right herbal combinations. Using the traditions of the past to inform what we can do in the present.

What we all saw in these initial meetings was an opportunity to help. Sickle cell disease primarily affects population of African descent and hispanic people of Caribbean ancestry. It also occurs in Central and South America, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Asian, Australian and Italian descent. Expensive treatments, transfusions, and transplants might not ever be available in some of these communities.

For the first time, we can help them.

Mama Francisca’s Legacy

Brought to Life

Mama Francisca shared her wisdom and compassion with anyone and everyone who asked. Her life was all about giving to her family and her community. Together with my team of researchers, we created Bixahuman to honor her legacy.

We are here to share her wisdom and help all who can benefit from it. Our mission is:

• To bring her formulation to the present, applying scientific rigor to herbal medicine.

• To make it accessible and affordable around the world.

To me, my great grandmother’s formula is a miracle. It saved my life. I won’t go a day without it, because I know the consequences. This miracle must be shared, though. It cannot remain a secret, hidden in the history and traditions of the Taino people.


"Today, the secret is revealed. And it speaks the words of hope, relief, and security. From my great grandmother, across generations, to you and your family.

It is my honor to bring the past and present together to serve you as it has served me."

- Aura Castro

CEO & Founder, Bixahuman







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