Menstrual Cramps: Natural Solutions for a Healthy and Pain-Free Period

Backaches. Mood swings. Sweating. Stomach cramps. Pelvic pain. Digestive issues. Food cravings.

These are only the most notable symptoms of periods. Multiply this by twelve and you’ll get an idea of how hard it’s for women to deal with menstrual cramps. While this is a natural process that every woman goes through, it still doesn’t make it easy to live through 5–7 days of periods.

Owing to a painful experience of periods, women have hunted down every last bit of advice for relieving period pain. Unfortunately, more than half of these anonymous suggestions are a hoax and have no effect on your well-being.

This is why it’s important to know what works for periods and what doesn’t. If you want to sail through this time of the month, you need the remedies we’re about to offer. This calls for some lifestyle changes that can make it easy to have a pain-free period.

Here are a few suggestions from the experts.

Keep your body hydrated

Primary dysmenorrheal causes women to experience cramps during their monthly periods. There are several other consequences that come with this such as bloating and untimely sweating. You can treat those symptoms by drinking water regularly and punctually.

It will help if you add mint or lemon with a pinch of salt to it. This makes the drink more appetizing and prevents fluid retention. Since your body is losing a lot of water through loose stools, vomit and diarrhea during your period, you should cut down on dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and coffee.

Since you’re cutting down on your morning coffee, you need a replacement for it. Start off your day with some ginger or chamomile tea. This supplements your water intake as well as offer additional nutrition.

Chamomile tea is rich in anti-inflammatory substances that inhibit the activity of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are found in the endometrium of the uterus, where the cells release it during a woman’s period. This causes muscle contractions of the uterus that are felt as period pain and cramps.

Avoid Certain Foods

As we said earlier, you need to commit to a few lifestyle changes to make this work. So if you survive on pasta or have a sweet-tooth for sugary desserts, you might want to cut down on that. Trans-fatty acids can exacerbate menstrual discomfort. They are usually found in processed food items such as packaged chips, margarine and cookies.

If you’re addicted to tobacco, that’s bad for your dental health as well as menstrual well-being. It can cause inflammation that makes the period pain worse than it already is.

Take Prevartis T3 Supplements

While it’s not advised to depend on painkillers and medication during periods, herbal remedies are a safe alternative. Prevartis T3 is one such supplement that’s formulated using curative herbs that offer anti-inflammatory benefits and calcium orotate that provide lasting pain relief.

It’s prepared using the ancient annatto herbs and Caribbean recipes for tribal remedies. The formula is tested by botanical scientists and toxicologists for health benefits, side-effects and effectiveness in treating menstrual discomfort.

This supplement harnesses the strength of Annatto Tocotrienol and enhances your body’s immunity against period pain, menstrual cramps and inflammation. On top of that, it also help relieves back and hip pain, which makes it easier for women to deal with the menstrual discomfort.

Our supplements are prepared from natural ingredients, using time-tested tribal recipes.

We offer a wide range of supplements made from annatto herbs for women experiencing menstrual pain. You can find the best Vitamin E Mixed Tocotrienols supplements such as Prevartis T3 on our website.

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