Bixahuman’s Affiliate Programs

There are two affiliate programs of Bixahuman:

Brand Ambassadors and Sales Partners.


The Brand Ambassadors affiliate program is targeted towards people that believe education and skill training are critical to escape chronic poverty and to prevent the transmission of poverty between generations. 


On the other hand, the Sales Partners affiliate program is a chance to join Bixahuman’s family as an independent agent.  Our mission is to democratize cures. We aim to make the treatment and prevention of common illnesses accessible for people of all classes and incomes

We believe that we can do this by providing affordable and effective dietary supplements that blend the best of modern herbal medicine with ancestral formulations.

Brand Ambassadors

  • Customers that want to create a better world participating in Bixahuman’s humanitarian missions. 1@time

Sales Partners

  • Independent agents of Bixahuman’s family.
  • Democratizing cures for easy-to-treat illness is our goal.
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