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  • What are the benefits of Tocotrienol?

    The molecular structure of the Tocotrienol form offers an unsaturated side carbonic chain that provides a high capacity to trap free radicals, which is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the free radicals that promote cell damage, that finally trigger an important list of diseases. Another advantage offered by the Tocotrienol form is the high liposolubility which allows it be transferred very ease through the double layer that surrounds the cells, thus reaching more effectively the cellular centers where its antioxidant portion acts. Recognizing high antioxidant power in Tocotrienols links it to its ability to treat different degenerative cell diseases that end in Cancer.  

    Dr. David Terrero

    Scientific advisor for Bixahuman Pharma Research Lab

  • Do your products contain any kind of oil plant based?

    The Nutritional Products marketed by BIXAHUMAN contain, in an important purity in the form of vitamin E represented by the Tocotrienols isomers. These products do NOT contain plant oils. Frequently in the nature Plant oils such as Palm Tree whose chemical structure belongs to the fatty acids usually contain dissolved Tocotrienols and tocopherols, however in these products the Tocotrienols are not associated with plant oils.

    Dr. David Terrero

    Scientific advisor for Bixahuman Pharma Research Lab

  • Do your products contain Tocopherol?

    Tocopherol has a longer tail while tocotrienols have shorter, flexible tails. This small difference in size allows Tocotrienol to cover a bigger surface area of the cell membrane quickly, hence making them more effective and powerful as antioxidants. Today, many supplements include tocopherols. However, a major portion of the “natural alpha-tocopherol” in the market is actually synthetic. Unlike tocopherols, no synthetic version of Tocotrienol ingredients exists in the market yet and they are still sourced from natural foods. Annatto is one of the richest sources of Tocotrienol.

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship within the continental United States Of America

  • What is the cost of shipping?

    We use USPS’ shipping calculator to determine your shipping cost.

  • Are your supplements free from major allergens?

    It is our goal to make our supplements available to as many individuals as possible. Many of our supplements are dairy free, corn-free, and gluten free. Tocopherol Free. Please review each supplement’s ingredients to determine any potential allergens. Browse our products.

  • What are the major ingredients of your supplements?

    Each supplement complex is made up of a different combination of ingredients. However, our supplements repeatedly utilize the health benefits of Tocotrienol. A non-saturated form of Vitamin E. The purest form of Tocotrienol has been approved for human consumption for many decades, Annatto.

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