The Cat is Out of the Bag: Everything You Need to Know About Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw is a woody vine originating from the great Amazon rainforest, and other tropical regions. It gets its name for its uniquely thorny appearance that bears a resemblance to—you guessed it—cat’s claws.

It’s been an essential part of many indigenous healing practices – to prevent and manage diseases and health concerns that have plagued humans for thousands of years. From ulcers to viral infections and parasites, Cat’s Claw has played a vital role in many of these healing practices and continues to garner intrigue into its workings.

Today, we are trying to understand its benefits in more depth – given the dearth of sufficient research and clinical trials. But you’d be surprised to learn about some of its potential benefits, based on years of indigenous knowledge and practice:

Immunity-Boosting Potential

White blood cells play a vital role when it comes to fighting infections and other health threats in the body. Cat’s Claw has been shown to increase white blood count in the body and calming overactive immune systems – allowing your system to protect you against real threats as opposed to perceived ones.

In small studies on its immunity-boosting properties, Cat’s Claw showed promising results, but this is not sufficient to claim as a cure or guaranteed protection.

May Help With Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common condition that results in painful, stiff, and inflamed joints. A study revealed that taking 100 mg of the Cat’s Claw for a month showed a reduction in pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties may help with managing this condition.

However, prolonged use did not show sustained improvement, reiterating the fact that more research, especially in human populations, is needed.

Could Also Help With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Nearly 1.3 million adults in the U.S. suffer from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – an autoimmune joint disorder. Like OA, it causes swollen, stiff, painful joints, with the addition of other effects like fatigue. RA can take a toll on patients’ quality of life, hindering their ability to carry out day to day activities.

In some studies, Cat’s Claw has been administered in tandem with regular medical regimens and has shown to alleviate symptoms like inflammation, and thus, pain. Again, more evidence is necessary to build on these results, but the potential is undeniable.

Anti-Cancer And Anti-Tumor Potential

In addition to its other potential benefits, Cat’s Claw also contains POA – a compound that’s known to offer anti-tumor and anti-cancer benefits. Test tube studies have shown Cat’s Claw’s ability to kill specific cancer cells and prevent spread.  A 2010 study observed its effects in relation to Ewing’s Sarcoma and breast cancer in particular.

While all the benefits of herbs and plants like Cat’s Claw show us promising potential, it’s undeniable that there is a lot more ground to cover. We need to work on drug development and finding appropriate dosage to reap its benefits, but you can still add safe amounts of this wonderful ingredient through natural supplements that contain it.

Some supplements from our range contain Cat’s Claw in addition to other herbs and nutrient sources, such as annatto. You can order supplements online through our website.

Disclaimer: Bixahuman’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Any information discussed in this piece is not a replacement for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor or physician for medical concerns and treatment options.

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