BioBija Complex – For When Life Just Seems to be Too Much

You have probably heard of the Mayan calendar. You may even know about how the ancient Mayans studied the cosmos and astronomy. It is less likely, unless you have studied Mayan culture, that you know about the huge trade networks, and the series of city-states in which they lived.

The ancient Mayans lived in a fast-paced empire, linked by cultural similarities and language, but always dealing with a lethal tension between these city-states for power, resources, and influence. As a result, they always needed to be ready to deal with the stress of going to war, or having a battle come to them. Powerful cities such as Caracol, Calakmul and Tikal were frequently at war with each other or with other smaller cities.

Ancient Healing Wisdom

The ancient Mayan healers had the responsibility to ready the troops. They had a variety of lifestyle ailments to manage with members of their tribes. They were specifically looking to prepare their people mentally, with the sharpest possible mental focus, to defend their cities. The warriors needed physical energy, and high immune resistance to live their stressful lives. Annatto (Achiote-Bija) was the remedy the ancient healers reached for to protect and cure their people.

Today’s World

The modern world presents us with different battles, but they are still stressful. You may find yourself:

  • Drifting off – While driving, listening to school lectures, reading, or any time when you wish you could be more alert and pay better attention to what is happening around you.
  • Napping or Feeling Tired – Perhaps you eat or drink coffee or energy drinks to try to stay awake when you feel tired mid-day, or maybe you give in and have the daytime naps.
  • Catching everything that Goes Around – Doesn’t matter what it is, you get it. A cold. The flu. Allergies. It seems like you just start to get over one and the next one hits.
  • Heartburn or Acid Stomach – You have tried all of the over-the-counter drugs and you may even have tried something your doctor prescribed. You surely tried some home remedies you found on the internet, and something from the health food store. Nothing helps. Even watching what you eat.
  • Anemia or Low Hemoglobin Counts – You have been diagnosed, or have a family history of low hemoglobin, had a recent blood loss, or have a condition that is linked to low hemoglobin.

If so, the BioBija Complex may be right for you. With the same ingredients as the ancient Mayans have used for centuries, scientific research has confirmed that Annatto (Achiote-Bija) supports good health, and even helps prevent or treats many of the health problems associated with modern life.

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