Arthritis Pain Relief: 4 Natural Ways to Heal Sore Joints

Arthritis is a chronic health condition that causes disabling pain in the joints. It’s ranked among the 20 painfully debilitating conditions alongside bone fractures and heart attacks!

Living with arthritis not just affects your private life and mobility but also your social life, career and independence. Individuals living with this condition are on the lookout for ways to relieve pain and manage their condition as naturally as possible.

Here are some suggestions.

Control Your Body Weight

If you have a case of osteoarthritis, bodyweight can be an issue for you. Not to say that obesity is less harmful for others, but crossing the advised weight limit can get really bad for someone already struggling with sore joints.

Since arthritis is a chronic condition, you need to learn ways to manage the condition better. Pain is a major part of living with arthritis. This is also the reason why arthritis may compromising mobility for you.

Controlling your body weight can greatly help lessen the pain. This way there’s less pressure on the joints. This also prevents the progression of the condition by minimizing further damage to the joints. In order to control your bodyweight, you need to control your diet and engage in a workout routine. It’s important that you replace large meal portions with something more nutritious and fulfilling, and follow an exercise routine regularly.


Even though most people with arthritis work out rigorously to keep their body weight under control, it’s better to be mindful of what you’re doing. Joining any gym or looking up random workout videos online can be detrimental for your condition.

You need to know if the exercise plan that you’re following is safe for your condition. For instance, many types of cardio exercises like walking and running are not advised for people with osteoarthritis. They need mat exercises that can help build muscle strength and improve flexibility. This is why physiotherapy is essential for such individuals.

Only a physiotherapist can understand the severity of your condition deeply and recommend exercises to you. This will not only build muscles wherever needed but also relieve pain from the sore joints.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Living with arthritis can be hard. That’s why you need to make some lifestyle changes. Home remedies like hot and cold therapy can make a dramatic difference in the pain you experience. Hot showers, first thing in the morning, can relieve stiffness in the joints and enable better mobility. This can reduce pain and soreness as you go about your daily chores. You must keep yourself warm at night to prevent the joints from going stiff. A heating pad or a warm blanket will help.

Cold treatments are also helpful for relieving swelling and inflammation. If you notice a burning pain in your joints after a few hectic chores, you can soothe it with a cold pack. Even frozen peas, wrapped in cloth, can be applied to the area where it hurts.

Nutritional Supplements

Since your diet lacks the necessary nutrition that’s essential for relieving arthritic pain and offer strength, you need nutritional supplements. It’s best to choose one that’s organic.

Prevartis T3 is a natural blend that harnesses the benefits of Tocotrienol to prevent inflammation and joint pain. It can promote muscle relief and recovery due to joint damage. Adopting a supplement such as this in your daily routine can make arthritic pain manageable and reduce swelling as well. Plus it also keeps your nutritional intake balanced and strengthens immunity against nerve pain.

We deliver organic supplements for joint health and stronger immunity like the Prevartis T3.

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