The Annatto-Achiote-Bija: Amazing Facts Proven By Ancient Indians

Did You Know These Amazing Facts About Annatto?

Annatto has mysterious and fascinating origins — and has equally mystical properties.

This beautiful red compound is a component of the annatto-achiote-bija plant — aptly known as the Lipstick Tree because of its bright red seeds — which is believed to originate from Mexico and Brazil. Its name is derived from the Aztec indigenous dialect, Nahuatl.

Throughout the centuries, indigenous tribes have used the vivid red annatto seeds to anoint their bodies, and to dye fabrics. This compound has been traced to the ancient Mayans, who used annatto as an active ingredient in the Sacred Chocolate drink. This drink was allowed only to the nobility and the Mayan King Pakal. Annatto is also used as food dye, body paint, and color for making gorgeous murals, art, and crafts.

Although today, only the seed oil or the seed paste is employed for commercial use, the ancient rainforest ancestors have used the entire plant for centuries — which is how they benefited the most from this mystical plant.

Annatto the Amazing Ancient Superfood

Today, we name foods like blueberries and spinach as superfoods, but for millennia, ancient rainforest tribes have used the plant to treat a whole host of ailments, making it the original superfood.

Carotenoid Bixin: The bright red color of the seeds is due to the compound carotenoid bixin, a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases. These antioxidants are also great for getting rid of free radicals in our body that result in oxidative stress, cell damage, and abnormal cell growth.

Tea from Young Shoots and Leaves: The Piura tribe makes a tea infusion with the young shoots of annatto, which is not just used as an aphrodisiac, but also as an astringent. It can also treat a variety of health issues like skin problems, dysentery, fever, liver disease, and even hepatitis. The annatto has also been known to benefit the digestive system.

Annatto Flowers, Seeds, and Roots: The Cojedes tribe uses a floral infusion of the annatto-achiote-bija plant as a natural laxative and to clear out phlegm in newborn babies. Colombia healers also use annatto as an antidote to snake venom. The seeds are known to be expectorant, while the plant’s roots can treat coughs and aid digestion.

Leaf Decoction: Leaf decoction made from annatto is used in traditional Brazilian medicine, and is believed to treat heartburn and stomach distress caused by spicy foods. In Peruvian herbal medicine, the dried annatto leaves are called achiotec, and can be boiled in water to make a popular and effective Peruvian remedy. A cup of this infusion is consumed three times daily to treat internal inflammation, prostate disorders, high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, renal insufficiency, cystitis, and to eliminate uric acid. The medicine can also be used as a genital antiseptic wash, and for stomach and liver disorders. The leaves are also high in calcium and fiber, and are hence great for bone health.

Annatto Juice: Freshly squeezed juice from the leaves dripped in the eyes can eliminate eye infections and reduce inflammation. It is also believed that Peruvian Curanderos use the juice of 12 annatto fruit to cure epilepsy in just five days.

The Amazing Tocotrienols in Annatto

Annatto is a rich source of vitamin E — but not the kind that is found mostly in our stores.

Tocotrienols, another form of vitamin E, were found more recently, and clinical research concludes that tocotrienols are far superior and more effective than tocopherols, and have far-reaching health benefits. The best part is that they have no synthetic version available in the market which means you are consuming an all-natural product.

Many of the astounding health benefits described above are due to the presence of this rare type of vitamin E, which is found in annatto plants. These secrets were known by the Native tribes for centuries, and were passed down from generation to generation.

The Best Part?

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