Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science Under the Achiote Tree

There is great ancient wisdom in the indigenous tribes in the tropical areas where the Achiote Tree grows. The dye from the seeds of these Achiote pods are bright red, which makes an excellent body paint, or lipstick. The dark red color symbolized blood in ancient Aztec rituals, and every ancient scripture was written in this “annatto” juice.

Today, the indigenous tribes who live where the Annatto (Achiote/Bija) tree flourishes, in the tropical zones of Central and South America, use the Annatto (Achiote/Bija) seeds for body paint, food and medicine. The entire tree, which can grow up to 60 feet tall, has been used by the indigenous healers to prevent and treat a wide variety of both mild, and serious conditions.

The ancient Aztecs were not conducting rigorous, double blind, scientific studies to help them understand why the Annatto (Achiote/Bija) worked to heal their tribe members. Over the centuries, they learned what worked, so they have continued to use it, even to this day.

Modern Health And Ancient Wisdom

More than one scientific study has been conducted to prove what most of us just understand. Lifestyle choices matter. What we eat, matters. Fruits and vegetables are good for us. Anti-oxidants are important. The vast majority of serious illnesses could be prevented with the right lifestyle modification.

Supplementing with specific vitamin E compounds have been studied extensively. These compounds possess highly unique biological properties. They influence critical pathways that are known to be:

  • neuroprotective
  • support the immune system
  • help healthy hemoglobin levels
  • aid in prostate health
  • assist in ongoing kidney health

Vitamin E naturally occurs in 8 different isoforms. The most active of which are generally found in extremely low levels in the human diet.

As scientists, we began to search for pure, natural sources of Tocotrienol (Delta/Gamma), this exceptional type of vitamin E. We knew it existed, and we knew it could be revolutionary in the medical field. What we needed was a solid, reliable, abundant source.

The most abundant levels are found in palm, rice and annatto.

  • Rice contains approximately 50% of the most active and helpful type of Vitamin E. Good, but not great.
  • Palm contains about 75% of the protective and healthy type of Vitamin E. Very good, but not ideal.
  • Annatto contains an astounding 99.9% of this exceptionally healthy, bioavailable form of vitamin E. Ideal! We found our source.


Ancient Wisdom Meets the Scientific Discovery

The Annatto (Achiote-Bija) tree is a source of abundant, natural Tocotrienol (Delta/Gamma). Further research has discovered the local healers have always been right about this tropical tree and its extraordinary properties. Science has now reported that this is the only plant, ever discovered in the entire plant kingdom that has these healing properties.

That discovery of Tocotrienol confirms 5,000 years of indigenous wisdom using Annatto (Achiote-Bija). Historians have established that the indigenous ancestors used Achiote as far back as 5,000 years ago.  The Spaniard’s chronicles back in 1492 also make mention of the lipstick plant, and the medicinal uses that the indigenous people shared.

Achiote for Health Today

Even today, the Annatto (Achiote/Bija) tree is still being used by the native peoples in the Amazon, Australia, Africa, India and Caribbean islands as the plant that protects and cures.

Now, you too can access the ancient wisdom, and scientific know-how that is encapsulated in each BixaHuma formulation.

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