4 Nutritionist-Approved De-Bloating Tips & Tricks You Need to Know!

If you’re proud of your flat belly, bloating can become your worst nightmare. The swollen bulge in your belly that looks and feels painful is not easy to live with. You constantly feel stuffed and bulky, and have difficulty moving around after every meal!

Caused by excessive belching, flatulence leading to a buildup of gas, and bowel disturbances, bloating can be a serious blow to your self-image. This is primarily why people run to the nutritionist to seek easy remedies for de-bloating because they can’t bear the discomfort.

While it may be just a side-effect of your period or eating the wrong foods, it can affect the quality of life and (in worst cases) mobility.

Here are some tips for managing bloating that are approved by nutritionists across the board.

Reduce Sodium Intake

While everybody likes a different spice level, for some people the choice goes beyond preference. Some individuals can’t handle salty foods because it bloats them. Be it Chinese, Thai, Mongolian or any other cuisine; these individuals can’t handle a high intake of salt because their body reacts to the high sodium intake and causes severe bloating.

Nutritionists advise such individuals to have nuts and fruit to satiate their appetite instead of savory meals to their sodium intake in check and control bloating.

Load Up on Potassium

Those who experience bloating are also encouraged to eat more potassium-rich foods such as leafy greens, avocado, asparagus, and even bananas. This is a natural diuretic which counters high levels of sodium in your system effectively. This curtails the bloating and eases other digestive issues in your body. If you’re experiencing bloating, it’s better for you to switch to eating foods like baked potatoes, Swiss chard, spinach, salmon and cantaloupe more often.

Eat Whole Grains

Some people have digestive systems that aren’t well suited to refined grains. These individuals are recommended to increase whole-grain foods in their diet over refined grains. Foods such as processed carbohydrates—like those present in bagels, bread, pasta and pretzels—make your bloating worse. Processed carbs cause painful bloating and a range of other digestive complications such as gastric issues. It’s better if you switch to whole oats, brown rice and pasta, quinoa, and wheat berries.

Take Nutritional Supplements

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