4 Incredible Benefits of Taking Organic Collagen Supplements

Do you wish to turn back time to the days when your skin was soft like a baby’s and pink like a rose? That’s all because of collagen. But face lines and wrinkles are not the only way that loss of collagen affects your body. It can cost you the strength of your bones and muscle mass.

If you’re hitting 40 or crossing into your 50s, it’s about time that you start taking your health seriously. Taking collagen supplements help slow the process of aging and preserve the wellness of your physical health. Here are some of the most incredible benefits that the supplements offer.

Better Skin

Collagen is the building block of your skin cells. It controls the strength of your skin and manages its elasticity. As you cross 40, your skin starts producing less and less of collagen. This results in wrinkles, fine lines and creases that become visible as your skin loses its elasticity.

Since your skin is not producing enough collagen, it dries out sooner and becomes more sensitive to damage. With the help of collagen supplements, you can revive the youthful glow to your skin. It slows the process of aging by boosting the content of collagen in your skin.

Studies have also been conducted on people who have monitored a regular dose of collagen and evaluated its results. Taking up to 5 grams of collagen for a period of 8 weeks reduced normal skin dryness and enhanced the elasticity in participants of the study. Skin elasticity is a major reason that your skin looks bouncy and soft instead of loose and sagging, and that’s what predominantly attracts people toward collagen supplements.

Reduced Joint Pain

Joint pain is often caused by the wearing off of cartilages. These are soft tissues that are placed as pads between the bones and joints to prevent friction. With age, they lose their integrity and thin out. This causes rubbing of bones and painful inflammation in the joints. The progression of this condition leads to degenerative bone disorders like osteoarthritis.

Research has been done on the effects of collagen on joint pain. One study revealed that athletes taking a regular dose of collagen daily for 24 weeks reported significant relief in joint pain, compared to the group that did not. This shows that collagen is really effective in preventing the degeneration of joints, as it happens with age or other conditions.

Protects Bones

Your bone structure is mostly made up of collagen. It’s this that maintains bone strength and preserves its structure. Your bone mass is also directly correlated to the amount of collagen in your body. As the levels of collagen reduce with natural aging, your bones to weaken. This is because of the deterioration in your bone mass. With the help of collagen supplements, you can reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

Studies have proven that people who take these supplements have reported a 7% increase in their bone mineral density (BMD). Since low BMD is a primary cause of osteoporosis, the risk can be allayed with the help of collagen supplements.

Supports Muscle

Collagen comprises up to 10% of your muscle tissues. This protein is essential for supporting your muscle mass and ensuring that they function correctly. Since your diet lacks necessary proteins, we need collagen supplements to cover the deficiency to support muscle tissues. Research has proved that nutritional supplements can slow the onset of sarcopenia—a condition that results in loss of muscle mass.

If you’re looking for healthy supplements for putting on muscle mass along with an adequate workout, you’ve come to the right place. Our collagen supplements can show a noticeable improvement in muscle building for athletes.

Various studies have been conducted on groups engaging in exercise routines with the variable group taking collagen supplements. Results showed a dramatic difference in muscle mass gained by the group taking collagen, relative to the control group. It proved that collagen had a significant role to play in supporting muscle growth.

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